Monday, February 27, 2012


Smbil tgk2 mOnyet crik mknn, smbil snap2 gmbr mOnyet atas bmbung mcm bru 1st tym tgk, smbl belek2 jurnal, smbl klik2 fb, trjmpe la satu crite yg sngt pndek,tp lawak...sje nak rilek2 kan kepale..


The wife hits her husband with frying pan.

Husband: What was that for?

Wife: I found a paper in your pocket with the name Jenny on it.

Husband: I took part in the race last week, Jenny was the name of my horse.

Wife: Sorry..

Next day, wife hits him with a frying pan again.

Husband: What for now?

Wife: Your horse is on the phone!


p/s: Jgn tipu isteri.. >.<

p/s/s: i think, the next day, his wife should hit her husband with a really2 hot frying pan :P

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